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Q: What type of food do you offer?
A: We offer a variety of foods from tacos, empanadas, nachos, chicken bowls, burritos, quinoa bowls and so much more! We have set menus for private events and we do a lot of customizing pre-selected menus for each event that we do. But we'll always have an assortment of empanadas available every time.

Q: Do you have a minimum for your private events?
A: Typically, we don’t however charge a flat fee for any event that we do to set up. We will price the event accordingly to headcount for your event.


Q: Do you offer any dietary needs or restriction foods?
A: For public events most likely we can accommodate certain food restrictions. For private events, yes we can accommodate all of your restriction needs. We are certified in Food Allergens.

Q: What type of food truck do you have?
A: We have a service food trailer, where most of our product is cooked fresh at our commissary kitchen in Hellertown Pa and we keep food hot and cold for service. We do have an outdoor kitchen as well for certain events that we can cook right on-site.


Q: Are you only open seasonally?

A: No, we are open most of the year, our summer months are booked in Poconos Pa from May-August. September until the beginning of May, we are operating at full capacity. Most of our events are booked Friday nights and Saturdays, we do have some morning events on Sunday.


Q: What areas do you service?
A: We covered all Lehigh Valley Pa, most of the Poconos, NJ and some regions of NY. We also travel to other states for big events or private events.


Q: Do you do private events?
A: Yes, we do all private events for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations and much more.

Q: What is required for Public events to use your service?
A: Most events we start with your local Health Department for a temporary food license for the municipality that you are based out of. Secondly, we might need to get fire zoning approved for the type of event if we are cooking on-site with any gas or propane. We have a fully insured certified commercial kitchen and fully certified food truck through the State of Pa.


Q: Do you do services for Wineries and Breweries?
A: Yes, we service all Wineries and Breweries throughout Lehigh Valley & Pocono Pa. We also do some in NJ as well.

Q: What are your prices for food items?
A: They vary depending on the menu for the venue. We would like to say we have market prices with our menu items, we source locally as possible.

Q: Do you do fundraising and charity events?
A: Absolutely, you promote us to help engage on our social media accounts. We do all youth organizations, philanthropy events and charity events for any cause. You will get a certain percentage of sales that day for your event. Let us help you, you help us!


Q: How many people can you serve with your food truck?
A: Depending on the menu preference, we can accommodate events up to 250 people.


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