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Personal Chef & Consulting

Q: What is a Personal Chef?
A: A Personal Chef (PC) is a chef who comes to your home to prepare delicious meals to be enjoyed by you at your leisure. As your Personal Chef, I’ll come to your home and interview you to determine your specific dietary needs and wants. After this Client Assessment is performed, I’ll use the information to develop a customized menu.

On the selected cook date, I’ll do all the grocery shopping and bring the fresh ingredients to your home. Using my own equipment, I’ll then prepare the selected menu in the safety of your home kitchen and agree upon Chefmeals kitchen. After all the meals are prepared, they are packaged, labeled and placed in the refrigerator and freezer to be enjoyed at your convenience. Your kitchen is left clean and filled with the aroma of home cooked meals.


A Personal Chef is different from a Private Chef. A Private Chef usually only provides their service to one individual or family. A Personal Chef provides services for several individuals and families at the same time, usually one per day.

Q: What areas do you cover?
A: Chefmeals serves communities throughout NJ & Lehigh Valley Area, PA, NY

Q: Who needs a Personal Chef?
A: A Personal Chef is perfect for those that want the convenience of being able to come home and heat up something fresh and delicious to enjoy any time of day or night. If you are tired of eating out, getting fast food, eating from the freezer section of your supermarket, or you just want some more quality time with friends and family a PC is for you. Do you need help with meals because…

- You have no time to cook

- You don’t like your cooking

- You are tired of Fast-food/restaurant/carry-out food
- You have unique dietary requirements
- You are a senior, bachelor, or new mom who has no time and/or interest in cooking

- You or a loved one have a physical limitation or were recently released from the hospital and are unable to cook for yourself

- You’re going on vacation and don’t want to spend your holiday cooking or waiting in line for a good meal

Q: Do you cook in my kitchen?
A: Yes, all meals are cooked in the safety of your home kitchen. I use my own equipment and leave the kitchen clean when I am finished.

Q: Can I cook everything at my chefmeals kitchen home and deliver to me?
A: Yes, this can be arranged but this will be only if the client's kitchen is not available to cook in. Chefmeals kitchen is a fully equipped certified inspected commercial kitchen.

Q: How long will you be here?
A: I will be cooking several different entrées and side dishes from scratch, so it will take four to six hours depending on entrée selection. However, I will be willing to work with your schedule or situation, and make arrangements in advance, so that the cooking date fits into your schedule.

Q: Do I have to be home when you come to cook?
A: No, you do not have to be home on the selected cook date. Arrangements can be made at the assessment to determine how I can gain access to your house.

Q: Do I heat the food?

A: Yes, you will heat all food at your leisure. Complete heating instructions are provided for each meal to insure proper preparation.



Personal Chef & Consulting

Q: How long does the food last?
A: That depends on the service that is provided. The food can be stored in the freezer for up to 90 days, however 30 days is recommended for the best taste if frozen. All fresh made food will need to be consumed within 7 days, unless frozen beforehand.

Q: Can you use my containers?
A: I prefer to have food stored in containers that I have purchased for you. I then know they are perfect for the job. However, if there is an entrée that would be better suited in your own casserole or baking dish we can arrange that. We will discuss container selection at your client assessment.

Q: Can you provide meals according to my diet?
A: Yes. During the initial assessment, we’ll discuss your dietary needs and preferences and a custom menu will be provided.

Q: Will you cook old family recipes for me?
A: Yes. I will prepare all of your favorite recipes.

Q: Do I pay in advance of the cook date?
A: Yes. It is customary to pay in advance of each cook date. A check can be left, credit card or cash for the next cook date on the day of service.

Q: What about the groceries?
A: I shop for food as if I were shopping for my own family the day of your cook date. The groceries are brought to your house with the perishables kept cold until they are stored in your refrigerator to be used in the food preparation.

Q: The cost seems to be about what I would spend in a restaurant, why is that?
A: This fee includes, the assessment, a personalized menu based on that assessment, complete grocery shopping, preparation of each meal, packaging and labeling of all meals, heating instructions, and cleaning up after. Each meal is customized based on the dietary needs and wants of the client, which typically does not happen at a restaurant. With the Personal Chef Service, you can have a beautiful entree that has been prepared specifically for your palate and requirements, and eat it in the comfort of your own home without having to drive anywhere. You’ll know the kitchen is clean and sanitary and that your meal contains only fresh ingredients.

Q: What areas do you cover for little people parties and social gatherings?
A: Social gatherings are held in your kitchen, your vacation rental or hotel suite. Chef meals cover a broad range of areas.

Q: What can we expect from a social gathering or Little People Party?
A: A social gathering is hands-on and the client will have lots of fun! Working together with Chef Joe we will create a custom social & mingle of multiple course menu consisting of your favorite foods, or new, exciting foods you might never have tried before. You will get to sample the appetizers during the social gathering, and at the end of the social gathering you will sit down and enjoy your created main course. Did I mention wine and drinks are welcome? However, if you want to learn a specific food or technique, Chef Joe will design a menu to meet your needs.
Food cost will be additional for the service.

Q: How long does a social gathering or Little People Party usually take?
A: The average class is about 2-3 hours ( for basic and intermediate level).

Q: Are the social gatherings held in my home?
A: Yes, social gatherings/ LPP are held in the comfort of your home.

Q: How does the Chef Consultant work?
A: We will come in to meet clients and go over all needs that you need to know with your new concept or revamping your current concept.


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